Paramhansa Yogananda

“I will go forth in perfect faith in the power of Omnipresent Good to bring me what I need at the time I need it.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda

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Spiritual Community
Yoga & Meditation in Hawaii

Polestar is a spiritual community on the Big Island of Hawaii that offers year-round, hands-on experience in cooperative living based on the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

We offer an energizing life-style of daily yoga and meditation, karma yoga or service projects, and outdoor-adventure opportunities for apprentices, guests on vacation or personal retreat, and families and youth. People of all faiths are welcome.      ...more

      Invest in Polestar's Future

We are very excited to announce a new way for people around the world to share in the joy of co-creating Polestar wherever they may live.

Partnering with another non-profit: SEMBLE (, a top-notch financial organization dedicated to empowering service organizations like ours, we have now created "Friends of Polestar, LLC". This is an opportunity to make a secured investment that helps Polestar and gives you a financial, social, and spiritual return.

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Polestar Sacred Music Festival

May 7 - 11, 2014

Perhaps Polestar's most entrancing event, don't miss our third annual Sacred Music Festival, this coming May 7-11.

This year we are co-creating along with the big island's own Puna Music Festival to provide an unparalleled week long musical experience--kirtans, performances, workshops, yoga, meditation and fabulous organic native Hawaiian foods from garden fresh fruits and vegetables.        ...learn more

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Easter Celebrations at Polestar

April 18-20, 2014

Dear Friends,

Join us for Easter Service and Potluck Brunch at 10:30 this coming Sunday. Here’s the schedule for the whole weekend.

Friday   6:30 p.m.   Dinner and Easter Egg Coloring

Saturday   6-9 a.m.   Meditation

Sunday   6-8a.m.   Sunrise Meditation at Mackenzie Park

Sunday   10:30 a.m.   Easter Service...

...for the whole family with chanting, storytelling, guided meditation, and inspiration followed by easter egg hunt for all ages. Bring a dish to share for brunch potluck starting about noon.

More about Polestar

Practical spirituality — relevant to daily life

Experience the qualities of living and working together — getting to know people deeply, the spiritual support of group yoga, meditation, and sacred music; service projects and nature excursions that build skills and develop friendships.

Polestar offers an energizing life-style of daily yoga and meditation, karma yoga or service projects, and outdoor-adventure opportunities for apprentices, guests on vacation or personal retreat, and families and youth. People of all faiths are welcome.

We begin each day with early morning yoga and meditation followed by dynamic activity – permaculture and organic gardening, construction, service projects for the larger community, vegetarian cooking, or an area of service of your choice. Living in community, even for a short time, helps show us where our rough edges lie, so we can patiently smooth them and increase our capacity to live harmoniously with others. Kindness, compassion, awareness, sensitivity, authenticity, courage – the practice of these qualities in our daily lives are expressions of Spirit.

Whether you participate in one of our “immersion” programs such as our “Adventures in Spirit” Summer Internship Program or our ongoing Apprentice Program, or just come for personal retreat or vacation, you are welcome to participate fully in all the events and classes of our community.

We also specialize in leading our guests on tours around the island. Taking weekend or day trips, you have the opportunity to explore the beauty and wonder of the Big Island.

“The yoga practices, good company, great food, sacred music and all the amazing natural beauty of Hawaii made this an unforgettable time for me.”
DW — Minnesota

Reconnect with yourself, and with others like you

“Environment” Yogananda often said, “Is stronger than will power”. The environment we choose to live in is perhaps the most influential choice of our lives. Life at Polestar is designed to be conducive to spiritual practice, to developing deep friendships with others, and to finding a balanced way of living. Given the pace of modern life, it isn’t easy to sustain ones spiritual ideals nor to make deep connections with others. Spiritual community is a potential solution for both of these difficulties. Daily, we strive to make time for meditation, laughter, service, recreation, and thoughtful talks with friends, old and new. You will meet many kinds of people at Polestar, from those who have lived in spiritual community for many years to the many young people in their 20s and 30s who are drawn to the ideals of sustainable living. Whether you come for a day or for years, you will feel welcome here.

“It is hard to sum up in a few words how powerful every visit to Polestar is for me. It's an altogether invigorating experience; one that always recharges my body, mind, and spirit. I find myself learning more, laughing more, and living in my body and from my heart more fully.”
CK — Nevada City, CA

“This experience changed my life. I look on life with a new perspective now – I am beginning to see each moment as a blessing and a gift.”
EP — Portland, Oregon

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